Zing Jelly Fruits from TIK Tok Hit

Zing Jelly Fruits are trending on #TikTok. And It has been hit at our stores now! Jelly craze across in our stores at Westfield Kotara, Charlestown Square, and Stockland Greenhills. We have served hundreds of young customers last weekend!

Everyone in the shop was talking about this #tiktok jelly challenge! And they were very excited and happy! By the way, their tastes are really nice. So we have many return customers for the jelly!

We have 5 popular flavours zing fruit jelly in stock which are grape, orange, apple, strawberry, and pineapple! And you can buy online with free shipping! Because we have also received many phone calls who is not living in the area.

TikTok has given us plenty of weird and wonderful trends in recent years but this one is for people with a sweet tooth.

What is the TikTok Jelly Fruit challenge?

The TikTok Jelly Fruit challenge sees people effectively just eating sweets or candy if you prefer.

However, the laughs in this trend come from the sweets themselves as they’re basically just balls of jelly with a plastic wrapper around them that once burst, sends jelly spewing all over the person trying to eat the sweet.

Zing Jelly Fruit 40g
Zing Jelly Fruit 40g

And this is a delicious fruit jelly snack. It contains, real fruit juice combined with real fruit chunks. It’s easy to eat and has a safe new design for kids. The easy twist open top allows the product to turn into jelly and be enjoyed by the consumer.

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