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If you’re looking for the best international sweets Australia has to offer, you have come to the right place!

We provide our customers with chocolates, lollies, drinks, groceries, gifts and more from all over the world. Our delicious range includes American candy, English candy, Old Australian candy,Dutch candy and heaps more.

There’s no need to hop on a plane to try unique sweets from different countries – just browse our range, order online, and have it delivered to your door!


Our lolly shop began in 1965 as a brick and mortar store called ‘Kards & Kandy’ located in Newcastle, Australia. Recently, we decided to expand online so that we could give as many people as possible access to our delicious range. Whether you order your local or international sweets online or in-store, you are guaranteed to love our passion for sweets, our huge range of goods, our commitment to sourcing the best-quality confectionery and the fact that we are fully Australian and family-owned.

Looking for Local or International Sweets Online?

We have hand-picked our collection of sweets from all over the world and made it easy for you to get your hands on your favourites. We have lollies, chocolates and other groceries from England, America, Europe and New Zealand. We also stock a range of high-quality Australian sweets (including Darrell Lea) as well as nostalgic Australian favourites like Pollywaffles and White Knight Chocolates. Whether you are an ex-pat living in Australia wanting a taste of home or an Australian wanting to try something new (or old!), we are sure you will find the best local and international sweets Australia has to offer in our range.


American candy is some of the most popular in the world, and we have an exclusive range that you cannot find in regular Australian stores. We’ve got all the favourites – including Hershey’s chocolate bars, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Gobstoppers, Twizzlers, Pop-tarts, Twinkies and heaps more. Whether you are an American living in Australia wanting a taste of home, or an Australian wanting to try the ‘candy’ you’ve seen in TV shows and movies from the USA, our range is sure to hit the spot!


Dutch sweets might not be as well known or as televised as American sweets, but they are just as tasty nonetheless! We have a large range of Dutch sweets including liquorice (the Dutch eat the most liquorice in the world!), cinnamon sticks, chocolates, hard candies and more.


People all over the world love British sweets, and England is well-known for its delicious chocolate and its traditional toffee and boiled sweets. Our range of English sweets includes chocolate, hard candies, bonbons, jelly babies, toffee, fudge and heaps more.

Gifts & Hampers

As well as our confectionery and groceries, we also have gifts for people of all ages. Our range includes candles, mugs, glasses, keyrings, toys, dolls, clothing, perfume and more. We also have an assortment of Newcastle gift baskets that include Darrel Lea favourites and other popular sweets. If you’re shopping for yourself but want a surprise, you can even get yourself a Mystery Box.


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Thank you, after shopping this morning for cards I was very emotional. I was served by a very kind and considerate lady who ran to catch me after I left to give me a chocolate lady bug to cheer me up. Such beautiful service and your kindness was very much appreciated.”

Kylie Leadbeatter

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Great customer service, incredibly wide range of products for a small store Perfect if you’re looking for any kind of gift!”

Ryan Peters

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I love love my chocolates they were so fresh and would recommend Sweetsworld to anyone.. thank you so much Sweetsworld”

Karen Callaghan

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