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We Bring the Delight of An American Candy Store to Australians

At Sweets World, we stock a huge range of American candy. We’ve got all the classics that many Australians have grown up seeing in American TV shows and movies - like Jolly Ranchers, Twinkies, Hershey’s, Baby Ruth, Junior Mints, Twizzlers and so much more. We’ve also got more exclusive regional favourites like Scorpion lollipops. Whatever candy you choose, we guarantee that our massive range of American sweets will delight your taste buds and transport you to the USA.

As Australians, we are accustomed to seeing American candy in popular media - but we miss out because it’s not available in Australian grocery shops. We think this is unfair, so we make it our mission to source a huge assortment of American candy that is tough to find anywhere else. Our range includes the types of candy that you would find in American grocery stores, convenience stores and movie theatres, as well as lesser-known regional favourites. Whether you are an American ex-pat living in Australia wanting a taste of home, or an Australian wanting to finally try the confectionery you’ve seen in movies, we’re sure you will find everything you’re looking for in our store.

Have American Sweets Delivered to Your Door!

We know you don’t want to have to wait for ages for your American candy to arrive at your home, which is why we offer fast shipping. With our standard delivery, we deliver orders within 4-7 business days. If you need your goods faster, we offer two day or overnight shipping. You can find out all about our shipping here.

The Rest of Our International Range - Confectionery, Groceries, Gifts & More!

As well as American candy, we also source a delicious selection of lollies, chocolates and other groceries from England, Holland and New Zealand. We also have a delicious range of traditional Australian favourites. We have hand-picked our collection of sweets from all over the world and made it easier than ever for you to get your hands on your favourites. There’s no need to hop on a plane to try unique sweets from different countries - just browse our range, order online, and have it delivered to your door! Or, pop into our Newcastle store! We’ve also got a wide array of groceries that you can’t find in regular Australian stores - including sauces, cakes, biscuits, chips, spreads and heaps more.

Last but certainly not least, we have a hand-selected range of gifts for people of all ages - we have candles, mugs, glasses, keyrings, toys, dolls, clothing and perfume, as well as a large assortment of gift baskets.

FAQs About American Candy

What is the most popular American candy?

According to our sources, the most popular American candy includes M&Ms, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kats, Snickers, Hershey Bars, Twix, Skittles and Candy Corn.

What is American candy?

American candy is highly popular all over the world - it is known for its sweet taste, its place in popular culture and its diversity. Although some American candy is available to buy in Australia, this is only a small selection of what is really on offer in the USA. Whether you’re looking for something sweet, sour, salty or all of the above, our range of American candy has you covered! Is American candy sweeter?

Is American candy sweeter?

Yes, American candy is sweeter than candy from other countries because Americans add more sweetening ingredients during manufacturing. American sweets tend to have more high fructose corn syrup and more sugar than candy from other countries - and this is simply due to the American palette.

Does your American candy take ages to arrive in the mail?

No, it doesn’t! We ship all year round via Australia Post. With our standard delivery, orders are delivered in 4-7 business days. If you want your candy faster than this, you can select overnight or two-day shipping options.

Got other questions about our American candy?

If you have any other questions about our American candy, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. We love helping our customers to source their favourite lollies from around the world and would be thrilled to help you out in any way we can.