Trolli Sour Mandarins 2kg


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Trolli Sour Mandarins 2kg

Product Discription:

Mandarins have a long and storied history. Originally from Japan, it’s rumoured that these juicy fruits got their name from the orange robes worn by public officials in imperial China (called mandarins). In Canada and the United States they’re now a traditional Christmas treat. Mandarns are also symbols of good fortune and abundance during Chinese New Year and they’re often given as gifts or put on display as decoration. Well, Sour Mandarins by Trollibut traditional. These juicy,fresh gummies are peach flavoured and pucker-up sour. Bite into one and you’ll go wild over the sweet sugared surface mixed with the sour gummi interior. Celebrate your love of these sour-sweet chewy treats and start your own tradition ether by sharing them, gifting them, or just enjoying them on your own! These 2kg bags will give you more than enough to add to a sour-themed candybar or to drop into pucker-up gift packs.

Product Ingredients:

Sugar, Glucose syrup (corn), Modified potato starch, gelatin, acids:(330, 297), flavours, colour:(110).


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