Sour Worms 100g


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Sour Worms 100g

Product Description:

If you”,re feeling a little bit bored, these Sour Glow Worms are guaranteed to liven things up. These worm-shaped gummie cnadies glow in all colours of the rainbow with friuty-sour tingling on youre tongue,thanks to thir yummy tutti friuty flavour. They’,ll banish the heaviest yawn away. We promise! These gummy candy worms have already been a cult since the 1990s! Banish monotomy away every time with Trolli Sour Glow Worm’,s unique soft texture and flavour of cherry-lemon, lime-orange or strawberry-grape. Make some mud pies or chocolate cupcakes and put these Sour Glow Worms on top for a cute Halloween desert.


Glucose Syrup (Corn) , Sugar, Gelatine, Acid[E330(Citric Acid), E270 (Lactic Acid), E297(Fumaric Acid), E333(Calcium Citrate)], Gelling Agent(Pectin), Flavours, Colours[E102(Tartrazine), E110(Sunset YellowFCF), E129(Allura Red AC), E133(Brilliant Blue FCF), E171(Titanium Dioxide)]

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