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Black jelly beans are a type of candy that are typically black in color, with a hard and shiny outer shell and a chewy center. They are typically flavored with licorice, a herbaceous plant with a distinct anise-like flavor.

Black jelly beans are often included in a mix of other jelly bean flavors, but they are also available on their own. They are a popular treat around Halloween and are often associated with the spooky holiday.

While black jelly beans are a polarizing candy, with some people loving their bold flavor and others finding it unappealing, they remain a classic and iconic candy that many people enjoy. They can be found in Darrell Lea/Kards & Kandy stores and are also available for purchase online.



Wheat glucose syrup, sugar, water, flavour, food acid (330), colours (102, 110, 122, 123, 124, 133), glazing agent, vegetable oil, modified starch (wheat & tapioca), anti-caking agent (553).

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