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Jersey Caramels are a type of confectionery that originated in the United Kingdom. They are small, chewy sweets that are made from a combination of sugar, glucose syrup, condensed milk, and butter. The ingredients are cooked together until they reach a thick, caramel-like consistency, and then poured into molds to set.

Jersey Caramels have a distinctive texture that is both soft and chewy, with a smooth and creamy flavor that comes from the condensed milk and butter. They are often shaped into small rectangles, which makes them easy to share or enjoy on-the-go.

These delicious treats are popular all over the world, and are a particular favorite in Australia and New Zealand, where they are often found in supermarkets and candy stores. Jersey Caramels are a classic candy that have been enjoyed for generations, and their rich, buttery flavor and chewy texture make them a satisfying treat for any sweet tooth.


Layers of caramel and cream, Jersey Caramels are full of old fashioned goodness. INGREDIENTS: sugar, soft icing sugar, sweet condensed milk, flour, vegetable oil, water, flavour, gelatine, salt, GMS(471).

Can you still buy Jersey caramels?

You can buy Jersey Carmael at Sweetsworld.com.au, as well as a wide range of other delectable treats. Purchase a 1kg bag of jersey caramels for $20 and you won’t run out of your favourite confectionery any time soon.

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