13 Angry Scorpions Jekyll & Hyde Private Reserve 150ml


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13 Angry Scorpions Jekyll & Hyde Private Reserve 150ml

Product Discriptions:

13 Angry Scorpions Jekyll & Hyde Private Reserve is a special release of the iconic barbecue sauce made with aged Carolina Reaper chillies and infused with 8-year-old 101 proof Kentucky straight whiskey.


The whiskey and reaper combination makes a nice juicy, thick-cut steak the perfect pairing for this sauce.


Carolina Reaper, Chipotle


You are greeted with a deep rich barbecue aroma, hints of the Kentucky whiskey and the earthy tones of Carolina Reaper. Like its original namesake the Jekyll and Hyde has a dual personality. Dr Jekyll delivers a very tasty barbecue style sauce with natural smoky jalapeño flavour (aka chipotle), combined with some upfront sweetness and in this sauce the added bonus of whiskey. The devious Mr Hyde then swoops in with the wicked sting of the Carolina Reaper, this sneaks up from behind and brings on a very intense burn. – Rodney@ChilliBOM 

Product Ingredients:

Aged Carolina Reaper Peppers, 101 proof Whiskey, smoked red jalapenos, spices, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, onion, lemon juice, garlic, ginger

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