Lacroix Apricot Sparkling Water


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Lacroix Apricot Sparkling Water

Product Description:

Apricots are an interesting fruit. The most common species of apricot hailed from Armenia during ancient times. However, genetic studies show that the apricot originated in Central Asia and China. Regardless, the apricot is the national fruit of Armenia. In a 100 gram serving, apricots offer 48 calories and are 86% water. They are a moderate source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Similar in composition to a peach, apricots are smaller and have a slightly tarter taste. They also share characteristics with cherries, plumbs, and nectarines. They are commonly referred to as “stone fruits” because their seeds are enclosed in stone-like pits. When it comes to capturing the essence of the apricot flavor experience, LaCroix Apricot Sparkling Water is right on the money.

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