World Hottest Corn Chips

World Hottest Corn Chips 1

The world’s hottest corn chips are reserved for the insane!

Our mates at Chilli Seed Bank have produced an awesome product that we’re thrilled to be offering. With A-grade Carolina Reaper, Scorpion and Bhut Jolokia all infused into these bad boys you know you’ll be flying high on just one chip! They are the world’s hottest, after all.

All Corn Chips are infused with our super-hot puree, seasoned to perfection, and topped off with a dusting of Carolina Reaper powder for good measure!

Dare ya to try to finish the whole packet in one go!

Not for sooks, is our best advice…and try just one before eating a handful!


World's Hottest Corn Chips
World’s Hottest Corn Chips

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