Where to find Scorched Peanut Bars?

Where to find Scorched Peanut Bars? At Sweetsworld online store or Kards & Kandy at Charlestown Square, Westfield Kotara, and Stockland Greenhills

“Yes, it’s back! Better than ever!” the page posted recently.

After 40 long years, the Scorched Peanut Bar is back to the shelves, and our customers couldn’t be happier.

Buy Scorched Peanut Bar at Sweetsworld

Cooks Confectionery brings it back and has launched a dedicated Facebook page to the popular chocolate bar.

The old-time favourite features scorched peanuts in caramelised toffee with a rich chocolate coating.

“WOW!!! Got mine today!!! They taste soooo good!!” added another fan.

Where to find Scorched Peanut Bars? Kards & Kandy all stores in Newcastle stock it

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