Thorntons Chocolate Box


Where to find Thorntons Chocolate Box in Newcastle?

Darrell Lea/Kards & Kandy has this UK Chocolate brand on the shelf.

Joseph William Thornton established Thorntons is a British chocolate brand in 1911. Italian company Ferrero is the owner of Thorntons Limited. When Cadburys became part of a non-specific confectionery group, Thorntons became the largest confectionery-only parent corporation in the United Kingdom. While it retains a minority of sales of its established toffee and fudge. The group shifted its specialism, after post-war rationing ended, into the chocolate and developed wide Continental. Swiss and Belgian chocolate ranges which (alongside novelties and decoration) form the bulk its sales.

It is a constituent of the FTSE Fledgling Index. While cutting back on its high street presence, sales and production have increased and a small minority of its shops have started afresh or diversified to become cafés. Ferrero paid £112m for Thorntons In June 2015. Thorntons changed their trading name from Thorntons PLC to Thorntons Ltd in Nov 2016 and now their registered office is Ferrero UK Ltd in Greenford, UK.

These chocolate makers have been lovingly crafting recipes for generations of chocolate lovers to enjoy. With this rich chocolate heritage, it brings you a celebration of British tastes. Recipes created with selected ingredients and proudly crafted in the UK. Drizzled and dusted with our passion and expertise, you can be proud to give our Classic chocolates to the ones you love.


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