Milk Chocolate Foiled Bilby

Milk Chocolate Foiled Bilby

Our Milk Chocolate Foiled Bilby made by Pink Lady, and 30 cents will go to Save The Bilby Fund. It wrapped in bright foil, they’re a popular Australian native creature to give any time of the year.

“Their distribution in the recent past was Target, Myer, and David Jones and various specialty stores including IGA but they have become rare or extinct in many locations,” they wrote.

The Fund’s official milk chocolate Easter bilby, manufactured by Pink Lady, is one of the most recognisable chocolate bilbies sold every Easter.

And at Darrell Lea/Kards & Kandy we proudly have this lovely superfine milk chocolate bilby ready for the coming Easter.

According to Save The Bilby Fund, “Bilbies are a ‘keystone’ species. This means that their protection is even more important because their survival, in turn, increases the chances of 19 other threatened species who share the same habitats.”

Bilbies are one of nature’s eco-engineers. Greater bilbies are important in the restoration of soil and rejuvenation of vegetation in arid Australia. They use their strong front paws to dig deep holes in soil that enables plant material to fall in and decompose. At the same time, soil is aerated which supports seed germination. Bilbies essentially create numerous compost pits every night.

The Pink Lady Chocolate is making rich and smooth textured experience. And chocolate is refined through a process known as conching – reducing particle sizes of both cocoa solids and sugar crystals.

All Pink Lady Chocolate is conched down to just sixteen microns to ensure a smooth, premium, superfine chocolate experience.

This is why we keep Pink Lady Chocolate as our Pick & Mix chocolate in-store at Westfield Kotara in Newcastle, Charlestown Square in Lake Macquire, and Stockland Greenhills in Maitland!

Milk Chocolate Foiled Bilby
Milk Chocolate Foiled Bilby

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