Dairy-Free Easter Egg

Dairy Free Easter Egg

Sweet William making the best Dairy-Free Easter Egg (Lactose-Free Easter Egg) in Australia! We always stock the best quality dairy-free chocolate during Easter time for someone special!

We also have MooFree Easter Egg from the UK which is also a best-seller and loved by many many customers.

dairy free easter egg
dairy-free easter egg

This year we might not have enough stock because of the special circumstance. We recommend our customers pre-order your dairy-free egg before they sold out!

We also have some soy carob products which are friendly for people allergy dairy products as well made in Coffs Harbour.

Sugar Eggs are another option for dairy-free demands.

We always keep Carobana, Eskal and Beech’s brands on shelves.

When it comes to dairy-free chocolate, there can be a part of perplexity.

So let’s walk through what chocolate is – and isn’t – secure for an individual with a dairy allergy.

Many individuals within the nourishment sensitivity community will accept that chocolate contains dairy. 

In any case, immaculate chocolate is in truth dairy-free. True dull and semi-sweet chocolates are made with a base of cocoa solids (cocoa powder), cocoa butter and sugar. 

In spite of the fact that cocoa butter sounds like a dairy fixing, it is really the greasy parcel of the cacao bean. It is actually dairy-free.

Be that as it may, numerous brands are not unadulterated chocolate, and instead has milk included, as a rule within the frame of butter oil, milk fat, milk solids, or milk powder.

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